Acting against Rep. Rick Becker’s medical license would be a mistake


MINOT, N.D. — Rep. Rick Becker, who works as a government-subsidized plastic surgeon as his day job , is a sterling example of a grandstanding politician.

He’ll pander to any sort of twaddle he feels will appeal to his political base, truth be damned.

In modern politics, the grandstanders usually go on to political punditry, where they can trade in the currency of Facebook likes and followers. This seems to be a trajectory Becker is following as the prospects of his political career fade , what with the endless flogging of his obscure television show which, on the rare occasion anyone is watching, comes off as a sort of angry, politically themed “Wayne’s World.”

Except Wayne and Garth were talented and entertaining.

But what of the day job? There is evidence that his political shenanigans may be hurting his business as a plastic surgeon. Recently columnist Jim Shaw, quoting three prominent physicians, called for disciplinary action against Becker’s medical license.

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