A Glimpse Behind the Curtain as Activists Plan Major Escalation in Line 3 Protests


MINOT, N.D. — The activists fighting the Line 3 pipeline replacement project (this is an existing pipeline that’s being updated by its owner Enbridge) are planning for a major escalation this weekend.

From June 5 to 8 the group organizing the demonstrations, called Treaty People, is preparing for potentially thousands of protesters to descend on northern Minnesota. High-profile activists like Jane Fonda will be jetting in (using the very sort of petroleum products made possible by infrastructure like Line 3, ironically enough).

Treaty People is also planning for a not-insignificant amount of illegal activity, per organizing documents I’ve obtained. These demonstrations are often portrayed, by many in the news media, as peaceful until the cops descend and make mass arrests.

That’s exactly the portrayal the activists are angling for.

The truth, one that doesn’t often cut through the propaganda noise machines that surround a political endeavor like this one, is that they’re well-organized operations aimed specifically at sowing chaos and provoking arrests.

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