A bizarre political attack precipitated by the 4-year anniversary of my dog getting lost


MINOT, N.D. — The North Dakota Republican Party has gotten a lot of flak over new rules requiring contributions to the party from candidates seeking the party’s endorsement.

It’s pay for play, critics, including this one, have said.

Though I don’t support the rule change, because I don’t think money is the best way to go about it, I understand and agree with the motivations. The party is attempting to implement a filter. A way to weed out the unserious candidates so that Republicans, when contemplating who might best represent them on the ballot, can focus on candidates who might have a shot at winning an election.

Some call this elitism; an attempt by the NDGOP “establishment” to keep themselves in power.

But it’s not. The party, which has enjoyed three decades worth of dominance at the ballot box as a result of largely pragmatic and moderate governance, has a problem with cranks and extremists who are trying to take over.

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