82 Year Old Woman Was Found at #NoDAPL Camp Zip Tied to a Chair Surrounded by Urine and Feces


Though the Oceti Sakowin Camp was hit by a severe blizzard earlier in the week, tents and vehicles still filled the area on Thursday. Campers worked to keep each other warm, cutting firewood and passing out hand and foot warmers. (Grace Pastoor | Bemidji Pioneer)

A #NoDAPL protester stands accused of felony elder abuse after her 82-year-old mother was found living in a teepee in brutal winter weather and under some truly deplorable conditions.

Caroline Grueskin at the Bismarck Tribune has the story. Hit the link to read the whole thing, but here’s a heart breaking excerpt:

Running Fisher first came to camp as a medic with the veterans group during the first weekend of December. When a blizzard struck on Dec. 6, elderly people were evacuated to Prairie Knights Casino. As he went through tents and teepees looking for people, Running Fisher came across the elderly woman zip-tied to a chair, wearing only a heavy sweater, he said. She was not wearing a diaper and surrounded by her own urine and excrement, he said. Running Fisher said he cut her off the chair, and she was evacuated to the casino, but got lost in the shuffle before she could be taken to the hospital or authorities could respond.

“It just broke my heart to see anybody tied to a chair like that,” he said.

Running Fisher found her again on Dec. 17, he said, this time in a sleeping bag and diaper. He made contact with the Morton County Sheriff’s Department and she was taken to the hospital.

You have to wonder how many other people were aware of this situation and did nothing.

Last month a Rolling Stone article detailed an incident of alleged sexual assault which was apparently dealt with protest organizers internally instead of being reported to the authorities. That’s troubling.

All politics aside, crimes should be reported to the authorities for proper investigation, arrest, and adjudication.

Unfortunately, #NoDAPL is a movement which has shown little respect for the law.