Dem-NPL Party Boss Stays Quiet About Donation to Legal Defense of Accused Hoeven Office Attacker


MINOT, N.D. — Over the holidays an ax-wielding man attacked Republican Sen. John Hoeven’s Fargo office.

Law enforcement arrested a man named Thomas Alexander Starks, age 30, for the crime. In court documents, one of Starks’ colleagues said Starks was “politically open and motivated,” left-leaning and “very active in protests,” according to police.

So far, Starks is enjoying support from officials in the Democratic-NPL.

Ellie Shockley, a left-wing columnist and member of the Democratic-NPL’s executive committee, has been touting an online fundraising effort for Starks.

According to the GoFundMe page, Shockley has donated $500 of the $4,330 collected so far. The fundraiser, which describes Starks as an “innocent man,” has a $15,000 goal.

That page at one time also listed a $100 donation from Democratic-NPL chairwoman Kylie Oversen. Sometime after I reached out to Oversen for comment about this donation her name disappeared from the GoFundMe page, but I did manage to save a screenshot:

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