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Dear Williston: You Can't Make Them Love You

Dear Williston: You Can't Make Them Love You

The Los Angeles Times today has a story (with contributions from former Williston Herald reporter Eric Killelea) about how Williston, North Dakota – which branded itself “Boomtown USA” during the Bakken oil boom – is handling the oil slowdown. One question which should have been asked but apparently wasn’t is how city leader now feel about their “boomtown” branding. Booms, after

Williston's Lame Response To Credit Rating Downgrade

For some time now we here at SAB have been pointing out the City of Williston’s poor spending priorities (latest post here). In the midst of an oil boom, with the local economy and population growing faster than the city could keep up with, city leaders backed and got approved a 1% sales tax increase…for