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We Shouldn’t Inflate the Cost of Government Just to Shop Local

We Shouldn’t Inflate the Cost of Government Just to Shop Local

In Ward County (Minot)the local government is grappling with a conundrum which really shouldn’t be all that controversial. Some county employees, motivated as they should be by a desire to be good stewards of taxpayer money, want the ability to shop at online retailers like Amazon for supplies. The benefit of this is self-evident based

Governor Burgum Needs to Put a Halt to Absurd Removal of the Ward County Sheriff

Back in October of 2014 a man named Dustin Irwin, who as a prisoner at the Ward County Jail here in Minot, died during a prison exchange with Burleigh County. As a result county Sheriff Steve Kukowski was charged with three Class A Misdemeanors including “public servant refusing to perform duty” and two counts of

Two More Public Officials Charged With Crimes, This Time Related To A Prisoner Death In Ward County

Earlier this week we got news about five members of the Department of Human Services – including department director Maggie Anderson, appointed to her position by Governor Jack Dalrymple – getting charged criminally for allegedly obstructing an investigation into the death of a child at a pool in Velva, southeast of Minot. Today comes news that

City Plans School Building Spending Spree With State Property Tax Relief Payment

To be fair, the Minot School Board is considering more than one option when it comes addressing school growth in the city, and the impact they calculate for property taxes doesn’t take into account the city’s growing property tax base, but even so this illustrates perfectly the problem with trying to solve the property tax