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Wall Street Journal: Bakken Oil Is Perhaps Most Volatile In The World

Wall Street Journal: Bakken Oil Is Perhaps Most Volatile In The World

With explosive train derailments much in the headlines of late, the volatility of Bakken crude oil has become an issue. The feds are seeking data from the oil industry, which is reluctant to feed the idea that Bakken oil makes transport unsafe, but the Wall Street Journal did their own analysis. According to the results, Bakken

With Carbon Emissions Already Dropping, Why Do We Need "Sweeping Action" On Climate Change?

“Obama to take sweeping action on climate,” reports the Washington Post. “President Obama will announce his intention to limit greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants, increase appliance efficiency standards and promote renewable energy development on public lands in a speech Tuesday outlining his plan to use executive powers to address climate change.” In other

It's Not The Global Warming, It's The Subsidies

The Wall Street Journal has an article today about the corn belt moving north to North Dakota which, historically, doesn’t have the ideal climate for growing corn. So what’s driving this trend? According to the WSJ, it’s global warming: The shift, which is occurring in northern Minnesota and Canada’s Manitoba province as well, shows how

IRS "Obamacare" Official Was Never In White House Meeting With IRS Commissioner

Recent reports detailed 157 visits by former IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman to the White House during the time when the IRS was targeting President Obama’s political enemies for extra scrutiny. This is amazing when you consider that Shulman visited the White House more than any cabinet member – the Secretary of State, the Secretary of

Our Cut-In-Line Society

There are moments when you read a story that makes you want to secede from the human race. I had a moment like that when reading this article about people finagling, or outright purchasing, the entitlement to cut in line at airports and amusement parks: Disney World is investigating news that a handful of upper-crust

In Defense Of Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant, according to a lot of people up to and including the EPA. The air that we exhale is bad for the environment, we’re supposed to believe, which has become such an article of faith that even the fossil fuel energy companies have embraced it arguing for fracking on the

Thanks Fracking: America Leading The World In Carbon Emission Reductions

From the Wall Street Journal (via Nevada Watchdog): U.S. carbon-dioxide emissions have fallen dramatically in recent years, in large part because the country is making more electricity with natural gas instead of coal. Energy-related emissions of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas that is widely believed to contribute to global warming, have fallen 12% between 2005

Performance Audit Seems To Back Up Chancellor Shirvani's Call For More Central Control Over University System

The North Dakota State Auditor’s office has released a performance audit report (see below) for the North Dakota University System central office, and it’s hard not to see the report as strengthening embattled Chancellor Hamid Shirvani’s position. Shirvani caused a lot of political indigestion when one of his first moves, upon taking the chancellor position,

Reverse Protectionsim Keeps Natural Gas Prices Low, Flaring High

Earlier this month the Wall Street Journal had an interesting article about some companies, Dow Chemical among them, lobbying for President Obama to block exports of natural gas. These companies, mostly in the manufacturing field, are enjoying the lower gas prices. They don’t want those prices to go up due to increased demand through export.

Americans Spent $2.2 Billion On "Obamaphone" Cell Phone Entitlement

Not only are taxpayers shelling out big bucks for “Obamaphones,” but the program appears to be rife with fraud. As many as 41% of those getting the phones couldn’t, or wouldn’t, prove their eligibility. The U.S. government spent about $2.2 billion last year to provide phones to low-income Americans, but a Wall Street Journal review