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Number Of North Dakota Schools Making Adequate Yearly Progress Continues To Decline

Number Of North Dakota Schools Making Adequate Yearly Progress Continues To Decline

The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction sent out a press release this morning about the performance of state schools as defined by Adequate Year Progress. According to the numbers provided by DPI, the number of schools meeting AYP standards has declined yet again. Here’s a chart showing the number of schools meeting AYP versus

North Dakota Is Way Out On A Limb On Higher Education

Michael Barone has a fantastic column today in National Review which contains a succinct timeline for America’s higher education bubble. What should be scary for North Dakotans is that the state’s approach to higher education is emblematic of every single one of these problems. For instance, Barone mentions the practice of packing campuses by giving

North Dakota Senate Votes For Higher Education Status Quo

The North Dakota Senate today had before it HCR3047 which was introduced by House Majority Leader Al Carlson. In it is original form as passed by the House this amendment would have replaced the Chancellor and the State Board of Higher Education with a Director of the Department of Higher Education appointed to three-year terms

Cost Of Stipends And Waivers To Full-Time North Dakota College Students: $1,684

This week North Dakota’s universities will testify before the House Education Committee, chaired by outspoken higher education critic Rep. Bob Skarphol (R-Tioga). The civil war between the university presidents and Chancellor Hamid Shirvani has dominated the discussion over higher ed this legislative session, but looking at the information Rep. Skarphol asked the university presidents to

Obama Administration Attacks Republicans For Welfare Work Waivers They Also Claim Don't Exist

You can’t make this stuff up (emphasis mine): President Obama policy aides attacked a Republican bill that would block the Department of Health and Human Services from waiving the work requirements associated with the 1996 welfare reform bill, even as the White House continued to deny that it had authorized such waivers. “With respect to