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President Trump Embarrassed Us All in Helsinki

President Trump Embarrassed Us All in Helsinki

As someone who didn’t vote for President Trump, and who expected that he’d lose to Hillary Clinton in 2016, I’ve come to make my peace with the Trump administration. I largely tune out the President’s antics and instead focus on his policies which I mostly support. But the President’s performance in Helsinki was a disaster.

Pathetic Ed Schultz Is the Kremlin’s American Mouthpiece

Ed Schultz once decried Donald Trump as “a racist.” He describe Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin as having a “nasty” record on human rights and accused him of “crippling” his country. Schultz mocked Republicans for allegedly having a soft spot for “Putie.” But these days things have changed for Schultz, as the Washington Post reports. He

Putin Employee Ed Schultz Flip Flops On Donald Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin loves him some Donald Trump. “He is a bright and talented person without any doubt,” Putin has said, adding that Trump is “an outstanding and talented personality.” That’s certainly disconcerting. All the more so because Putin’s media puppets, among them former Fargo talk radio host and MSNBC ranter Ed Schultz, have taken up

Earl Pomeroy's Lobbying Firm Is Sticking With Putin

A couple of weeks ago I reported that former North Dakota congressman Earl Pomeroy’s lobbying firm, Alston & Bird, was working for Russians. “I am not involved in this nor was I aware of the filing.,” Pomeroy told me in an email seeking comment about the relationship. “Alston Bird has someone who has done some work

Lifting America's Oil Export Ban May Be Key To Transport Safety, And Undermining Russia

A series of oil-by-rail accidents, some of them explosive and deadly, has Americans worried about the safety of oil shipments in the United States. Naturally, the attention turns to pipelines. We need to build out pipeline infrastructure such as the Keystone XL project because they are safer and more reliable than trains. The problem is