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The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum In The North Dakota University System

The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum In The North Dakota University System

Today comes news that another North Dakota University System Chancellor is about to be pushed out of office after a revolt by university presidents. Leading the charge in this push is North Dakota State University loyalist (and former double-dipping employee) Senator Tony Grindberg, who today announced an amendment authorizing funds to buyout Shirvani, and the

Legislator Offers Amendment Buying Out North Dakota Higher Ed Chancellor Because Of "Questionable" Leadership

Yesterday we broke the news here on Say Anything that legislators were considering some sort of a “vote of no confidence” in North Dakota University System Chancellor Hamid Shirvani which might take the form of a buyout of Shirvani’s contract. Today state Senator Tony Grindberg has announced that he’ll be offering an amendment to the

ND Legislature Considering Vote Of No Confidence In Chancellor Shirvani

There has been tension between the North Dakota legislature and the university system since the 2011 session, and last week things came to a head last week over changes the State Board of Higher Education and Chancellor Hamid Shirvani have tried to push through to an IT building being built on the University of North

SBHE President Decries "Misinformation" About IT Building Scandal In Email To Legislators

A legislative source passes along this op/ed emailed out to members of the ND House this afternoon from State Board of Higher Eduation President Duaine Espegard. “Please find my response to the misinformation regarding the IT building in Grand Forks,” Espegard wrote in the email to legislators. “I wanted you have copy as I am

Question of the Week: What Would Your Higher Ed Governance System Look Like?

In last weeks inaugural question of the week, we asked if the Legislature will consider allowing the electorate to decide if it is time for a change to governance for the North Dakota University System (NDUS). As if on que, yet another piece of concerning news broke this past week involving the “re-purposing” of office

Democrat Legislator Not Sure How Much Longer He Can Defend Higher Education

Scott Hennen had a very interesting interview with Rep. Eliot Glassheim on his show today, talking about the story SAB broke earlier this morning regarding Chancellor Hamid Shirvani trying to install a big personal office into a new IT building going in on the University of North Dakota campus. “From what I know it looks

Trouble Brewing Between Chancellor And Legislature Over Office Suite In UND Technology Building

In the 2011 session North Dakota legislators approved $15.5 million to be spent on a new internet technology building on the University of North Dakota campus. The building is to provide 36,000 square feet for offices and a data center which, in turn, is to provide IT services to all 11 institutions in the university

House Passes Mandatory Evacuations Bill, Senate Kills Limits To State Auditors

The legislature voted today on a couple of bills I’ve written about in the past. First, the House passed HB1120 allowing the executive officer of any county or city in the state to order mandatory evacuations for up to seven days, and beyond with the approval of the city council/county commission. Currently only the governor

Something Is Wrong With Our Priorities When University Sports Coaches Make More Than Governors

Earlier today I wrote about proposed increases in pay for North Dakota’s executive branch elected officials. Per Governor Jack Dalrymple’s proposed budget, the officials (including the governor himself) would get an 11.4% increase in pay by 2015 over their 2012 levels. People tend to get pretty wound up about how much public officials make, but