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Thanks to a Legislative Oversight, Can North Dakota Cities Even Make You Pay Higher Traffic Fines?

Thanks to a Legislative Oversight, Can North Dakota Cities Even Make You Pay Higher Traffic Fines?

Serious constitutional questions may not be the only headache North Dakota cities face as they, enabled by state legislation passed in Bismarck earlier this year, raise traffic fines above state levels. The City of Fargo, for instance, is one of a few communities in our state which has chosen to take advantage of the change

Fargo Choosing to Double Traffic Fines Just Opened a Legal Can of Worms

UPDATE: Since writing this post I’ve learned that other communities, such as Grand Forks, have also taken advantage of the Legislature’s green light to raise traffic fines. I had missed those local changes, though obviously, those changes are as unconstitutional as Fargo’s per the arguments below. Over the weekend, the Fargo Forum’s editorial board applauded the

Guest Post: Bismarck Doubling Traffic Fines Will Undoubtedly Invite Legal Challenges

This guest post was submitted by Fargo attorney Mark Friese The Bismarck Tribune reports Bismarck City Commissioners will seek to impose traffic fines with double the financial penalties otherwise provided by law. If approved, this elitist, twice-as-expensive approach would arguably apply to all categories and types of traffic violations. There are hundreds, but to illustrate,

North Dakota Is Third Lowest in the Nation When It Comes to Speeding Tickets Per Capita

According to data put together by (checks link) a Honda dealership in Yonkers (yeah, beats me), North Dakota had the third lowest rate of speeding tickets in the nation as measured per 10,000 citizens. The methodology was pretty simple. “[W]e were able to get at least one year of speeding ticket data from between 2011-2017

If It’s About Safety and Not Revenues, Why Let Local Governments Keep Revenues From Traffic Fines?

Yesterday the state House approved SB2304, allowing local governments to assess traffic fines beyond what is set in state law. “There’ll be much talk about how the cities are trying to raise revenue, but that is not true. This is truly a safety issue,” Rep. Mary Adams, a Grand Forks Democrat and Hitler meme aficionado,