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Exaggeration and Hysteria Are What School Shooters Want

Exaggeration and Hysteria Are What School Shooters Want

Defending gun rights is “Defending the indefensible,” writes my friend and fellow columnist Tony Bender. His column is his usual exercise in tautology – these dummies are dumb because they’re dumb, he’s saying of the people he disagrees with. Yawn. But in his section lashing out at me for a column I wrote last month he

Protestors march in a rally against the Trump administration's family separation policy for illegal immigrants along South 3rd Street in downtown Grand Forks. Nick Nelson / Grand Forks Herald

Why Should Only Republicans Fear Socialism?

“If there’s anything that terrifies North Dakota Republicans, it’s socialism,” my friend Tony Bender writes in a recent column His is the latest salvo in a debate in our state, raging in letters to the editor and comments sections and blog posts like this one, over the efficacy of socialism. Though a prerequisite to that