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“Easy to Vote but Tough to Cheat”

“Easy to Vote but Tough to Cheat”

In a post yesterday I responded an editorial in the Grand Forks Herald in which opinion editor Tom Dennis said that Republicans should just give up and go home on the voter ID issue. The courts have spoken, striking down laws similar to North Dakota’s in other states, so the issue is over. Today, in an

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Sign Me Up For Supreme Court Reform

The sudden death of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has set off a firestorm of partisan debate, ironically with each side trying to posture themselves as supporting a non-partisan and non-political approach. Particularly hilarious is state Rep. Kyle Oversen – titular chairwoman for the North Dakota Democrats and a not-yet-graduated law student – lecturing


We Need To Stop Using the Term "Oil Boom"

The Grand Forks Herald today has an excellent editorial about why we need to lift America’s archaic and ill-advised ban on exporting oil. “Trade constraints twist the market in ways that leave the population worse off,” writes opinion editor Tom Dennis on behalf of the Herald. “Easing constraints untangles the twists, encourages investment and lets producers meet

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Blame Irresponsible College Students, Not The Voter ID Law

In an editorial today the Grand Forks Herald takes aim at those opposing legislation to allow student ID cards as valid residency verification for voting. “The Legislature’s 2013 Voter ID law — which passed both Houses on almost entirely party-line votes; on election issues, that’s a frantically waving red flag — had the very effect critics

When The Policy Is Good, The Motivations Are Irrelevant

The Grand Forks Herald today takes aim at HB1181, introduced by Rep. Roscoe Streyle (R-Minot), which was the subject of a heated hearing before the House Government and Veterans Affairs Committee earlier this week. “Streyle’s wrong about the “very simple” reason he ascribes — namely, his and his party’s supposedly deep desire to let North Dakota voters

"A Tireless Open-Government Crusader"

Some kind words from the Grand Forks Herald for me today, as well as a hat-tip to this post from earlier this week which points out that the North Dakota University System has broken open records laws 17 times since 2010. Not exactly an auspicious track record. “The board knows it has angered North Dakotans

North Dakota's Critics Shouldn't Get The Benefit Of 20/20 Hindsight

There’s a lot of “woulda, shoulda, coulda” going on in North Dakota politics right now. “It took explosions, fires and deaths before federal and state regulators got grimly serious about the risks of transporting Bakken oil,” grumped the Grand Forks Herald’s Tom Dennis in an editorial headlined, “Regulators should be more proactive.” Democrat candidate for Agriculture Commissioner

What's Wrong With Giving The North Dakota University System Some Flexibility?

Today Grand Forks Herald Opinion Editor Tom Dennis engages in a bit of fear mongering about higher education measure North Dakota voters will vote on in November. Dennis is a reliable homer for the universities, and the university system itself is clearly spooked about what could happen. Because, let’s face it, hardly a month goes by