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On Safe Airplane Landings and Bad Apples

On Safe Airplane Landings and Bad Apples

MINOT, N.D. — On Monday of this week I had a very good day. The problem is, in this job, my good days are usually someone else’s very bad days. For weeks now, I’ve been the only person in the state covering the deep-seated problems in Minot. City Manager Tom Barry has been out of

Minot City Workers Told They Could Be Fired for Speaking Critically of City Government to the Media

MINOT, N.D. — According to a city of Minot source, in early December, multiple employees of the city were brought to what has been described to me as a police department “interrogation room” and told they could be fired for, allegedly, speaking to me. How did we get there? Continue reading…

Despite Controversy City of Minot Approves Roughly $1 Million Contract for City Manager

After initially trying to slip it through as a last-minute addition to the agenda, the Minot City Council approved this week a new contract for controversial City Manager Tom Barry. The Council also approved a substantial pay raise for themselves, though I think that move was sorely needed. “If we devalue public service by not paying

Minot’s City Manager Took the Fire Chief on a Pricey Trip to Nashville

Last month, October 20-23, the International City/County Management Association held its annual conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Minot City Manager Tom Barry attended the conference and brought along Minot Fire Chief Kelli Kronschnabel. This was interesting for a couple of reasons: Why was Kronschnabel, who is not a city or county manager, attending a conference for city and county managers,

Fresh Off an Open Meeting Violation, Minot’s Mayor Is Trying to Be Sneaky About Major Changes to City Manager’s Contract

You readers are probably aware of the phenomena called a “Friday news dump.” For the uninitiated, it’s the tactic of waiting until late in the day on a Friday to make public things you don’t really want the public to notice. The idea being that by Friday evening, the people who would notice are in

Mayor “Discouraged” City Government Will Have to Start Holding Meetings Which Are Accessible to the Public

I like Minot Mayor Shaun Sipma, though I’ll admit I was more enamored with him when he was candidate Sipma pushing for reforms in city government. Since becoming mayor, he’s spent far too much time serving city government as opposed to those who elected him. In particular, Sipma seems in the thrall of city manager

City Tells Citizens Who Can’t Vote in City Elections They Have to Pay Double for Building Permits

Extra-territorial zoning is an odd bit of North Dakota law which allows for municipal governments to extend their governance beyond city limits. Unfortunately for the people who live in those areas, they don’t get a say in city government. A particularly egregious example of this is the plight of Patti Eisenzimmer, a resident of rural Minot