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Brilliant: Democratic Candidate For Treasurer Wants To Eliminate Office If Elected To It

Brilliant: Democratic Candidate For Treasurer Wants To Eliminate Office If Elected To It

Well played, Senator Mathern. Well played. Mathern said Tuesday he believes the duties of the treasurer’s office can easily be split up between the Office of Management and Budget, Bank of North Dakota and state tax commissioner’s office. “This is nothing against Kelly Schmidt,” he said. “This is an issue of right-sizing government, of saving

North Dakota Democrats Get Last Minute Candidates For Treasurer, PSC, Insurance Commissioner

North Dakota Democrats closed out their state convention last weekend with four statewide candidate slots left empty. Today, right at the deadline for filing candidates for the June primary ballot, they added three candidates for Treasurer, Public Service Commissioner, and Insurance Commissioner. State Senator Tim Mathern of Fargo will be running for Treasurer, challenging Republican incumbent


North Dakota High School Assignment: Tell Lawmakers To Raise Taxes

Should schools teach our kids what to think? Or how to think? Over at Watchdog today I write about an assignment at Sheyenne High School in West Fargo which made students write to state lawmakers urging them to raise tobacco taxes. The assignment was born of an American Lung Association presentation at a teacher conference

Lawmakers Send Bill Requiring Special Elections For US Senate Vacancies To Governor

The rumor in North Dakota political circles is that U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp wants to return to North Dakota to run for governor in 2016. Confirming how much truth in that rumor is the furious opposition to HB1181 from Democrats in the North Dakota legislature. That bill, introduced by Rep. Roscoe Streyle (R-Minot) would change

Legislature Kills Another Tobacco Tax Hike, Will It Go To The Ballot?

The state Senate killed another tobacco tax hike today. This time it was SB2322, introduced by Senator Tim Mathern (D-Fargo). Like Rep. Jon Nelson’s bill in the House, which failed by a wide margin last week, Mathern’s bill also flopped. The vote was 17-30 against. [mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#000000″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]The crusade by anti-tobacco zealots really

When A 3 Percent Pay Raise For Public Employees Somehow Becomes A Pay Cut

I had some business/family stuff to attend to yesterday so I mostly missed the floor sessions in the legislature, but I had to comment on this because it’s pretty absurd. The Senate Appropriations Committee has, prudently, begun to pare down spending bills because the state is facing billions of dollars worth of revenue uncertainties thanks

Will Raising North Dakota's Tobacco Tax Decrease Use, Or Increase Smuggling?

“North Dakota needs to do everything it can to prevent more people from smoking and to encourage smokers to quit,” opines the Bismarck Tribune in an editorial today which is generally supportive of legislation to increase the state’s tobacco taxes. One might quibble with the idea that government ought to be using the tax code to manipulate people

Despite Low Tobacco Taxes, North Dakota Enjoys Very Low Tobacco Use Rates

Lawmakers will be considering two separate bills to hike tobacco taxes in North Dakota this session. HB1421, sponsored by Rep. Jon Nelson (R-Rugby), would raise the per-pack tax on cigarettes by about 250 percent, from $0.44 per pack to $1.54. It would also include these other increases: The tax on snuff would go from $0.60

North Dakota State Senator Beclowns Himself At Meeting Of Left's Version Of ALEC

ALEC, or the American Legislative Exchange Council, has become something of a bête noire of the left. Alongside the Koch brothers, ALEC is apparently behind every nefarious deed in American politics these days, if our friends on the left are to be believed. Of course, ALEC is also pretty darn effective at advancing the cause

Democrat Legislative Candidate Kris Wallman Criticizes Opponent For Being The Wrong Gender/Skin Color

Earlier today Democrat legislative candidate Kris Wallman, who is running for the state House in District 11, posted a comment on the campaign Facebook candidate Lucas Paper who is running in District 21 (both districts are in Fargo). The comment suggested that Paper and his running mate Robbie Lauf have the wrong skin color and