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Our Texting While Driving Laws Are Absurd

Our Texting While Driving Laws Are Absurd

Justin Ronald Jalbert will soon be on trial for manslaughter after hitting a bicyclist along a county road in Traill County, north of Fargo. Jalbert was allegedly texting while driving when he hit the bicyclist, and his attorney says that because of this Jalbert has been treated unfairly by the media. After all, laws against

Man Found Guilty In Fatal Texting While Driving Crash Sentenced To…Mandatory Public Relations?

I think texting while driving as a threat to public safety has been grossly exaggerated, and the data seems to prove it. Cell phone use was a “contributing factor” (a rather broad definition, to be sure) in less than 1 percent of traffic crashes in North Dakota. Nationally, cell phone use was a factor in┬ájust

Feds Want To Disable Your Phone While Driving To Prevent Distracted Driving

Despite the hype cell phone use while driving is given, traffic fatalities related to distracted driving due to a cell phone are less than 1% of overall US road fatalities. According to a 2012 report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving accounted for 9% of all traffic fatalities in the US in