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Tribal Opposition To New Oil Tax Code Is Perplexing

Tribal Opposition To New Oil Tax Code Is Perplexing

News this morning is that, after state lawmakers reformed North Dakota’s obscenely byzantine oil tax into a flatter and slightly lower rate earlier this year, the leadership of the Three Affiliated Tribes on the Fort Berthold Reservation are balking at signing a new tax agreement with the state. The current agreement expires at the end

A Tribal Tea Party In North Dakota?

There’s no question that North Dakota’s tribal communities are pockets of left-leaning sentiments. The reservation vote goes almost unanimously to Democrat candidates, and Democrats in turn work very hard to keep those reservation votes in their base of support. Which is why a recent demonstration on the Fort Berthold Reservation, home to the Mandan, Hidatsa,

New York Times Profiles Corruption, Murder Involving Heidi Heitkamp "Friend"

Political corruption is an unfortunate fact of life on many American Indian reservations, and the Fort Berthold Reservation is certainly a noteworthy example. And, as has often happened with tribal leadership around the country, when there’s an influx of wealth the corrupt tribal political bosses often don’t let much of it trickle down to rank-and-file

Long-Time Democrat Tribal Ally Accused Of Financial Shenanigans

Three Affiliated Tribes Chairman Tex Hall is a lame duck now thanks to a primary vote on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. Hall came in fourth out of six candidates, with the top two candidates going on to the general election to decide the next chairman. Hall’s loss comes after a report detailing alleged financial

After Visit To Indian Country, Did The Obama Administration Just Flip-Flop On Tribal Sovereignty?

When President Barack Obama paid his much-ballyhooed visit to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota – a rare presidential visit to Indian country – tribal sovereignty was a big part of the narrative. The President touted policies like the Violence Against Women Act, which gave tribes the authority to prosecute crimes committed on

More Than 350 Anti-Fracking Measures Passed By Local Governments

According to this list compiled by Food & Water Watch, some 359 local resolutions have been passed by local governing entities opposing hydraulic fracturing. In terms of of actual fracking policy, these resolutions mean very little. Most of them were passed in urban communities far from actual fracking operations, more an expression of political distaste

Dorso Column: Legislature Should Demand Accountability For Tribal Appropriations

If you don’t get accountability from the state higher education system why would you expect it from a North Dakota’s tribal colleges? Back at the beginning of this century the legislature started giving an appropriation to the tribes for jobs training. That number has grown to 5 million dollars. During the 90’s a succession of