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Five Months Later, North Dakota Game & Fish Still Hasn't Found All Missing Guns

Five Months Later, North Dakota Game & Fish Still Hasn't Found All Missing Guns

It’s been months since State Auditor Bob Peterson’s office released a devastating performance report about the Game & Fish Department including no fewer than 42 significant findings. Most of those problems have been addressed, but there are a couple of lingering problems that still haven’t been resolved. I wrote about it at Watchdog today. Most

Audio: Game & Fish Director Says Department Still Hasn't Found All Their Guns

I interviewed North Dakota Game & Fish Director Terry Steinwand on the radio this morning regarding his office’s on-going efforts to rectify issues found in an audit report issued June 3rd. The problem from that audit which has grabbed the most headlines is, obviously, the missing guns. Initially the audit discovered over 700 guns utilized

North Dakota Hunter Safety Instructors Pushed Conservation Measure To Students

I’ve written previously about the use of an auction of items seized by law enforcement from poachers to push the controversial Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks amendment. The North Dakota Wildlife Federation, which is a sponsor of the petition that, if passed, would divert hundreds of millions into conservation programs every biennium, used the state-sanctioned

Group's Use Of State Auction To Promote Conservation Measure Was "Unfortunate" Say Officials

North Dakota is having a robust debate about conservation. A group of conservation groups want to amend the state constitution to create a massive conservation fund that would be funded by hundreds of millions in oil tax revenues per biennium, with a mandate that most of it be spent whether conservation spending is needed or