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The Keystone Pipeline Would Save Lives In North Dakota

The Keystone Pipeline Would Save Lives In North Dakota

Traffic is up in North Dakota, and more people/vehicles on the roads means more fatalities. A big chunk of the traffic increase in the state stems from trucks transporting oil. There’s not enough pipeline or rail capacity to take all the oil produced out of the state. But if the Keystone XL pipeline were built,

The Average ND Student Pays $1,100 Year For Textbooks

Today the state Senate considered two resolutions – HCR3009 and HCR3013 calling for study into the use of open textbooks. The idea is that moving to open textbooks would lower the cost of books for students. And the price is pretty outrageous. Senator Larry Luick, in carrying one of the resolutions to the floor, noted

Let's Choose A Third Way In The Battle Between The Chancellor And The University Presidents

“The board needs to take immediate decisive action to reverse recent policy changes and appoint a chancellor who has a solid proven record of effective trusted and respected leadership,” writes state Senators Tony Grindberg and Karen Krebsbach, as well as Rep. Lois Delmore in the Grand Forks Herald today. These legislators want North Dakota University

Legislator Wants ND's Legislature To Meet Every Year

There have often been proposals before the North Dakota legislature to expand the number of days that body spends in session. Currently the state constitution limits the legislature to just 80 days per biennium, though it doesn’t say that all those days have to be consecutive. Rep. Keith Kempenich wants to put in place statute