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Who Cares If North Dakota Teacher Pay Is Below The National Average?

Who Cares If North Dakota Teacher Pay Is Below The National Average?

“The average salary of a public schoolteacher in North Dakota has risen steadily in recent years,” writes¬†Forum Communications reporter Adrian Glass-Moore, “though it still falls below the national average.” My thought? Who cares. You can click through to the article to get the specific numbers on teacher salaries, but I’d like to talk about the

Bismarck High School Students Propose Pro-Gay Marriage Legislation

I think North Dakota should legalize gay marriage, and polling trends suggest that North Dakotans are becoming increasingly sympathetic to doing just that,but what’s becoming tiring is North Dakota’s school kids pushing legislation. It started as cute little publicity stunts – elementary students pushing for a bill to name a state bug with guidance from

Somehow A 22% Increase In Minimum Teacher Pay Gets Reported As No Increase At All

Yesterday the North Dakota Senate debated a massive school funding bill. Democrats attempted a floor amendment to that bill to raise minimum teacher pay in the state to $32,000 per year. That amendment got rejected, but that didn’t mean that minimum teacher pay isn’t going up. The Senate approved Governor Jack Dalrymple’s budgeted $5,000/year increase.

There's No Need To Raise Minimum Teacher Pay In North Dakota

Democrats want to raise the minimum teacher’s pay in North Dakota from $22,500 per year, where it was set in 2003, to $32,000 per year. That’s double the $5,000/year increase Governor Jack Dalrymple proposed. KXNet – Bismarck/Minot/Williston/Dickinson The thing is, very few teachers actually make the minimum salary. The data is a little out of

Nearly 40% Of ND Teachers Make More Than Median Household Income

North Dakota’s teacher unions want to raise the minimum salary paid to teachers: The “Make the Average the Law” campaign might be bringing higher salaries to North Dakota teachers. It’s kicking off today by the North Dakota Education Association. The goal is to raise the minimum starting salary for teachers to $32,000. Supporters say it’s