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Taxpayer Funded Lobbying: Law Enforcement Swarms Capitol To Oppose Pro-Gun Bills

Taxpayer Funded Lobbying: Law Enforcement Swarms Capitol To Oppose Pro-Gun Bills

The Senate Judiciary Committee is considering several pro-gun bills today. The bills being considered would allow concealed carry in schools, churches and other public gatherings, allow the sale of guns and ammunition during declared emergencies (and prohibit the seizure of the same) and prohibit the use of state resources to enforce any new federal gun

Taxpayer Funded Lobbying Gets Approval From ND Senate

I might be more upset with this development if it weren’t for the fact that taxpayer dollars are already being used for lobbying. The government using taxpayer dollars to lobby other levels of government for more taxpayer dollars is exactly what we don’t want, but let’s not kid ourselves. This is already happening, despite the

Fargo Flood Diversion Proponents Want To Start Taxpayer-Funded Campaign

North Dakota has a big problem with taxpayer-funded political activism. One recent example was the debate last summer over Measure 2 which, if it had passed on the June ballot, would have abolished property taxes in the state. Organizations like the Association of Counties and League of Cities, funded almost exclusively by tax dollars, did

Do Local Governments Need Lobbyists?

Let’s not kid ourselves. North Dakota’s cities and counties already have lobbyists. They already spend our tax dollars on political purposes. The Association of Counties and the League of Cities are very active at the state legislature opposing and supporting bills, and both spent money on opposing an initiated measure (Measure 2, to abolish property