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North Dakota's State Board Of Higher Ed Is Their Own Worst Enemy

North Dakota's State Board Of Higher Ed Is Their Own Worst Enemy

It’s become clear to honest observers that the campaign of personal destruction against Chancellor Hamid Shirvani is being driven by the state’s university system, and their legislative/student stoolies, because they don’t want to be governed. The university system’s presidents want a rubber stamp for a chancellor, not someone intent on bringing reform and accountability to

SBHE Student Member Distributes Documents Full Of "Disturbing" Allegations Against Chancellor Shirvani

Breaking news this afternoon is that the student member of the State Board of Higher Education, Sydney Hull, referred to “disturbing” allegations about embattled Chancellor Hamid Shirvani. What’s even more disturbing than what may or may not be in the allegations themselves (including alleged open meetings law violations, among other things) is the fact that

Minutes Show Student "No Confidence" Votes Politically Motivated

Various student government groups around the state are working very hard to promote the idea that there is some sort of a student uprising against embattled Chancellor Hamid Shirvani. Frankly, I’ve been a little skeptical. Most of these student governments are a bit of a joke. Very few students actually vote to elect those serving

Nothing In Higher Ed Will Change Under The Status Quo

“The absurdity of students in the North Dakota University System voting ‘no confidence’ in the chancellor regarding the State Board of Higher Education’s new policies and practices is beyond ridiculous and is totally inappropriate,” writes state Rep. Bob Skarphol in the Grand Forks Herald today. Rep. Skarphol has been a strong proponent of Chancellor Hamid