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Is Governor Doug Burgum All Vision and No Policy?

Is Governor Doug Burgum All Vision and No Policy?

Governor Doug Burgum is set to deliver a State of the State address in Minot today (a livestream begins here at 10am if you’re interested). It’s not typical for North Dakota governors to deliver such addresses in between legislative sessions (former Governor Ed Schafer as the first and last to do it) or outside of

It’s Not Appropriate to Sell Access to Governor Burgum’s State of the State Address

It’s a little unusual for a North Dakota Governor to deliver a “state of the state” address in a year when the Legislature isn’t in session. The Governor’s address to lawmakers at the beginning of their session every other year is required by law. But Governor Doug Burgum’s decision to deliver a “state of the

Video: Burgum Plugs Bing, Promotes Education, and Promises End to Property Tax Buy Downs During State of the State

Governor Doug Burgum delivered the first State of the State address of his term in office to lawmakers today. Here’s the full video, which isn’t really all that long and would be worth your time to watch. I put some of my thoughts below: [fcc_jw_player key=”sP2Qdshw”] An energetic new tone “The new governor—though he projects

Video: Dalrymple State Of The State Speech Seemed Written For A Different North Dakota

The video above is of Governor Jack Dalrymple’s 2015 State of the State address (jump forward to about the 25 minute mark if you want to skip a lot of gavel-pounding and pompous ceremony). Like all of these sort of events, it was heavy on self-congratulatory politics, but what struck me about the speech was