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Video: North Dakota Senate Passes Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

Video: North Dakota Senate Passes Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

The North Dakota Senate today brought to the floor HB1362, which contains the expansion of the state Medicaid program originally mandated by Obamacare. The Supreme Court, however, ruled that the states get a choice. With a lot of Republicans saying they dislike the bill but will vote for it, the bill passed on a 33-14

North Dakota Senate Votes Again To Deny Unemployment Benefits To Locked out Union Workers

The debate over this issue which occurred in the Senate yesterday was over amending an existing bill to add this provision. The debate in the Senate which took place today was on the final passage of the bill. And it was, again, a lengthy debate as Democrats weren’t quite done grandstanding for their union allies.

Bill To Restrict Natural Gas Flaring Voted Down In The North Dakota Senate

We’ve all seen the satellite pictures of the Bakken oil fields lit up nearly as bright as urban centers like Minneapolis and Chicago. Most of those lights are the result of natural gas flaring. All the oil drilling taps into natural gas deposits. The gas must be vented off to get at the oil, but

ND Senate Votes Unanimously To Re-Authorize Subsidies For Basket Weaving, Easter Egg Painting

A year ago I wrote about an email a reader sent me from the North Dakota Council on the Arts offering subsidies for people doing things like basket weaving and Easter egg decorations. I was, frankly, a little surprised that such activities were being subsidized by the taxpayers in this state, but apparently you can