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ND Senate Passes Regrettable Outdoor Heritage Bill

ND Senate Passes Regrettable Outdoor Heritage Bill

The North Dakota Senate today passed a bill to create an “outdoor heritage” fund. As amended, the bill puts a portion of oil tax revenues (capped at $15 million per year and $30 million per biennium) into a fund managed by the State Industrial Board with advice from a board of appointees from various special

Video: ND Senate Passes Amendment To Deny Unemployment Benefits To Workers In Labor Disputes

Earlier I wrote about a proposed amendment to HB1112 which would clarify existing law making it clear that unemployment benefits are not to go to workers involved in a labor dispute. Earlier this month the North Dakota Supreme Court ruled that the language was ambiguous, and granted unemployment benefits to a group of locked out

Video: ND Senate Re-Considers And Passes Buy Out For Chancellor Shirvani

On the floor of the state Senate today Senator Tony Grindber re-introduced his amendment to buy out Chancellor Hamid Shirvani, amended slightly to make it clear that the legislature is not attempting to order that Shirvani be fired but merely providing funds for his buy out and termination. This time around, with only Senator John