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North Dakota Isn't Governed By Conservatives

North Dakota Isn't Governed By Conservatives

There’s a common misconception about North Dakota, which is that this is a conservative state. And it is a conservative state, in a lot of ways, despite a strong streak of what is often called “prairie populism.” That North Dakotans like to think of themselves as conservative is born out by the fact that they

Video: ND Senate Rejects Amendment To Buy Out Chancellor Shirvani

Despite backing from several university presidents, despite a vote of no confidence from organizations representing the state’s college students, Senator Tony Grindberg much-debated amendment to the university system budget to buy out Chancellor Hamid Shirvani’s contract and send him packing failed on a 23-24 vote. The buy out would have cost taxpayers $854,520. Here’s the

Trouble Brewing Between Chancellor And Legislature Over Office Suite In UND Technology Building

In the 2011 session North Dakota legislators approved $15.5 million to be spent on a new internet technology building on the University of North Dakota campus. The building is to provide 36,000 square feet for offices and a data center which, in turn, is to provide IT services to all 11 institutions in the university