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Feed the Kids, Sure, but Should Parents Be Let Off the Hook for School Lunch Debt?

Feed the Kids, Sure, but Should Parents Be Let Off the Hook for School Lunch Debt?

Recently, in Fargo, a group of well-meaning people raised some $4,000 as a way to help address the roughly $30,000 in school lunch debt accumulated in the local public school system. What these folks did is commendable. This sort of altruism, which has been making headlines both in North Dakota and across the nation, isn’t

school lunch

Federal School Lunch Crackdown Leads To Black Market For Salt Shakers And Potato Chips

Regulations are static. Markets are dynamic. …the [Government Accountability Office]¬†found that many students are simply bypassing the new dictums by sneaking salt and pepper shakers onto campus, even creating a clandestine market for potato chips. Technology has added pizzazz to the age-old lunch line complaints. Some students are Tweeting sad-looking lunch trays with the hashtag

school lunch

Senator Hoeven Announces Permanent Change To Federal School Lunch Guidelines

In the annals meddlesome federal government policies, school lunch policy micromanaged for the entire nation from Washington DC has got to be one of the most asinine things we’ve ever done. But that’s just what Congress did, as a part of Michelle Obama’s War on Fat Kids. When the feds implemented new requirements for school

Republican Senator Reignites Milkgate

Senator Tim Flakoll (R-Fargo), apparently feeling that Democrats hadn’t made enough political hay over funding for a third half-pint of milk a day for school kids, has decided to bring the issue up again by amending a House bill with an appropriation that is even larger than the one called for by Democrats. Flakoll, chairman

Mayor Bloomberg: It's The Government's Job To Inform People About The Choices They're Making

Appearing on Letterman’s show, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg defend his ban on large-sized sugary drinks (recently struck down by the courts) by suggesting that it’s the government’s job to inform people as the consequences of the choices they’re making: The problem with Bloomberg’s argument is that when you ban something you’re not informing their

Hoeven Backs Legislation To Overturn Federal School Lunch Limits Permanently

I’m not sure there’s anything more absurd than our bankrupt, debt-laden federal government which passed passed a budget in years micromanaging school lunches in communities around the nation. Most recently, as a part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s war on fat kids, the federal government imposed school lunch guidelines so stringent that many students were

Why Are We Spending 84% More To Feed 2% Fewer Students?

The Fargo Forum yesterday described the refusal by Republicans in North Dakota’s state House to replace federal milk funds for a third half-pint of milk a day with a state appropriation as “mean” and “stingy.” “The callousness is startling, disappointing,” wrote the Forum editorial board with their typically unthinking sort of intemperance. Of course, the

Interview: ND Superintendent Wants To Find Ways To Get The Feds Out Of State Education

Earlier this week North Dakota Superintendent of Public Schools Kirsten Baesler contacted me about SCR4012 which she and Senator Howard Anderson have been working on. The resolution calls for a study into the ways the federal government is involved in education policy in North Dakota with a specific aim toward getting the federal government less