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Sarah Palin Gives Say Anything A Nice Shout Out During North Dakota Visit

Sarah Palin Gives Say Anything A Nice Shout Out During North Dakota Visit

If I might pause for a moment for a personal reflection, Sarah Palin was in North Dakota yesterday speaking at a fundraiser for a Christian school in Williston. On her way out of town she posted a nice shout-out to me and SayAnythingBlog.com on Facebook. Post by Sarah Palin. It is always nice to hear

Sarah Palin To Visit Williston In October? UPDATE: Confirmed

According to a link SAB readers are emailing me, former Alaska Governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will be visiting Williston, North Dakota, in October. Here’s the link to an event page for the Fall Fundraising Banquet for Trinity Christian School in Williston. According to the event description: Trinity Christian School will hold its

North Dakota Isn't The Only State Plagued With Spend-Happy Republicans

“What courage really is is, in the face of having a surplus, when you have an opportunity to spend spend spend other people‚Äôs money, that you still choose to rein in government,” said Sarah Palin in 2012 in comments directed that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Those words came to mind as I read this

Man Who Attacked Conservative Group Identified Target On Left-Wing "Hate Map"

The Southern Poverty Law Center maintains on their website a database of people and organizations who they feel are dangerous bigots and racists. This “hate map,” though, often includes groups and organizations whose politics the SPLC simply disagrees with. Case in point, the Family Research Council, which is on the “hate map” because they oppose

Colin Powell: Republicans "Still Look Down On Minorities"

It seems odd for the first African American Secretary of State, appointed to his position by a Republican President, would say something like this but according to Colin Powell the GOP has a “a dark vein of intolerance.” So what, specifically, is evidence of this “vein of intolerance” according to Powell? Stuff that, frankly, isn’t

In Great Britain 60,000 Patients Die Per Year Thanks To Government Cost Saving Measures

Earlier this week I wrote about a study which concluded that the government could make health care, and health insurance, cheaper for Americans by instituting price controls. I noted that this would give us something akin to the “death panels” Sarah Palin talked about, and was ridiculed for bringing up. But what other term but

White House Refusing To Rule Out Trillion Dollar Coin Idea

Just in case you thought the “trillion dollar coin” plot to bypass Congress debt ceiling was just a silly academic exercise, here’s White House Press Secretary Jay Carney refusing to rule the idea out no fewer than five different times. Just remember, most of the people pushing the “trillion dollar coin” idea, wherein the President