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Sanford Suggests Yes Vote On Measure 7 To Employees

Sanford Suggests Yes Vote On Measure 7 To Employees

A SAB reader sends along the letter below which Sanford Health sent out to its employees via email today. The letter, signed by Sanford Bismarck President Craig Lambrecht, urges employees to vote yes on Measure 7 which would repeal North Dakota’s pharmacy protection law. Lambrecht argues that approving Measure 7 would allow Sanford to expand

Uh Oh: Legislators To Review NDSU "Bailout" Of Sanford Nursing College

About a month ago the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education rubber-stamped a deal pushed for by North Dakota State University┬áPresident Dean Bresciani which has his institution taking over a Bismarck-based nursing college currently run by Sanford Health. Now I’m told the issue will be reviewed by one of the Legislature’s interim committees. During

SBHE Approves Sweetheart Deal For Sanford Nursing College

Yesterday I wrote about a proposal before the State Board of Higher Education today to have North Dakota State University take over a nursing college in Bismarck run by Sanford Health. Legislators I’ve spoken to have expressed concern about the deal, pointing out that three people involved in the transaction for the university system (Chancellor

Is The North Dakota University System Going To Give Sanford Health A Sweetheart Deal?

On tomorrow’s State Board of Higher Education agenda is a line item asking board members to approve a takeover by North Dakota State University of a nursing college in Bismarck currently run by Sanford Health (starts on page 25). Legislators I’ve spoken to are buzzing about the proposal, wondering if the SBHE has taken enough

Despite Class War Campaign, Turns Out Senator Heidi Heitkamp Is Part Of The 1%

During North Dakota’s Senate race last year then-candidate Heidi Heitkamp and her political party made a big issue out of her opponent Rick Berg’s wealth. Voters were treated to ads like this one casting Berg as being too rich to understand the needs of average North Dakotans. In fact, for a while during the campaign,