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Audio Proof That Doug Burgum Isn't Telling The Truth About Pro-Life Bills

Audio Proof That Doug Burgum Isn't Telling The Truth About Pro-Life Bills

I realize that, for a lot of voters, the abortion issue isn’t very important. Some people simply don’t see it as a priority. That’s fine. But I think we can all agree that candidates being honest about their positions on issues, especially candidates with zero track record in public office, is important. Perhaps the most

Dalrymple Chief Of Staff: Burgum Urged Veto Of Abortion Bills In 2013

The audio below is from the Scott Hennen Show this morning where gubernatorial candidates Wayne Stenehjem and Doug Burgum had a debate. The abortion issue came up during the debate, and Stenehjem accused Burgum of calling Governor Jack Dalrymlpe’s Chief of Staff in 2013 and urging a veto of a group of controversial pro-life bills

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Governor Jack Dalrymple Gives Staff Nearly $100,000 In Retention Bonuses

Political circles are buzzing today with news that Governor Jack Dalrymple has given out nearly $100,000 in retention bonuses to staff. While some of the early reports on this didn’t do a very good job with details, I can report that the bonuses did happen. I wrote about it over at Watchdog today. Here’s the

What Happens If Ryan Rauschenberger Resigns?

Earlier today I broke the news that Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger has been struggling with alcohol addiction causing him to miss work. The news broke after Rauschenberger loaned his car to a man he was “hanging out with” yesterday afternoon only to see that man – 22-year-old Jesse Larson – get arrested for DUI after