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With Riemers Recount Bid Unsuccessful North Dakota Libertarian Party Will Lose Ballot Access

With Riemers Recount Bid Unsuccessful North Dakota Libertarian Party Will Lose Ballot Access

Earlier this month Libertarian Secretary of State candidate Roland Riemers won a recount for his primary vote total before the state Supreme Court. The victory for the frequently litigious Riemers surprised a lot of observers, including this one. Anyway, the Secretary of State’s office today released the results of the recount and it didn’t go

When Will Gardner Decline the Secretary of State Nomination?

Last night Will Gardner won the Republican Secretary of State nomination with over 54,000 votes. This despite Gardner withdrawing earlier this year amid scandal related to a 2006 disorderly conduct conviction for peeping on college girls in their dorms at North Dakota State University with his pants undone. Absent some action from Gardner his name

After Gardner Withdraws, Incumbent Secretary of State Al Jaeger Announces Run as an Independent

UPDATE: The Grand Forks Herald confirms that Jaeger is running as an independent. I just finished a radio interview with North Dakota Republican Party chairman Rick Berg and we spoke about the situation with former Secretary of State candidate Will Gardner from this weekend. Gardner withdrew from the race after a 2006 conviction for window

Audio: Libertarian, Republican Auditor Candidates Disagree on the Size of the Office They’re Running For

Yesterday I hosted debate among the candidates for state Auditor. Long-time Republican incumbent Bob Peterson is retiring, and in November voters will pick a replacement. Josh Gallion is the Republican candidate. Roland Riemers is the Libertarian candidate. Democrats didn’t nominate a candidate for this race. You can listen to the full discussion below, which ended

Lawsuit To Remove North Dakota Governor Doesn't Get Any Less Silly After Reading

Yesterday I wrote about a lawsuit filed by erstwhile gubernatorial candidate Paul Sorum demanding that over 309,000 ballots cast for Republican Jack Dalrymple and Democrat Ryan Taylor – representing 97 percent of all ballots – be tossed out because the Certificate of Endorsement form for those candidates wasn’t filled out correctly. Today I’ve obtained the