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Marsy’s Law Committee Says Critics Are…Sexist?

Marsy’s Law Committee Says Critics Are…Sexist?

Yesterday Robert Wefald – a former judge and North Dakota Attorney General – announced that he would be chairing a committee in opposition to Marsy’s Law which will be Measure 3 on your November ballots. I interviewed Wefald on my radio show yesterday (listen below) and he also has a guest post here on SAB

Is Doug Burgum's Promise To Decline Or Return The Governor's Salary If Elected Even Legal?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kId6dDu6CY In a campaign ad released yesterday NDGOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Burgum is promising to decline his salary if elected governor. The thing is, that might not actually be legal, though nobody seems to know for sure. As far as accepting the salary, it seems clear that Burgum would have to. It’s essentially a separation