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Funny How Nobody Wants Rent Control When Rents Are Falling

Funny How Nobody Wants Rent Control When Rents Are Falling

Two years ago, in the throes of a housing shortage driven by the Bakken oil boom, the Williston Herald called for rent control in an editorial. “It has been well-established that rent control is illegal in the state of North Dakota, but it is also gaining momentum from residents and activists seeking change,” the paper wrote.

Williston Herald Calls For Rent Control In The Oil Patch

On Friday a town hall held on rising rents in Williston, ND, (central to North Dakota’s oil fields) came “to a boil” according to a report from Eric Killelea at the  Williston Herald. The issue has unfortunately been politicized. A Democrat state Senate candidate – Barbara Vondell –  has made high rents her campaign platform, and

Williston City Leaders Should Blame Themselves For High Rents

“City looking for answers” That’s the headline from the Williston Herald over an article documenting protests over high rents and local city leaders asking the state for solutions, including asking for an opinion from Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem on whether or not rent control policies would be legal. Yes, rent control. The rent control push

Democrat Legislative Candidate Demands Rent Control In Western North Dakota

Back when Democrats were twisting arms to get candidates into western North Dakota legislative races, lest they be embarrassed by the number of races they let go unchallenged, Brenda Vondell was one of the warm bodies they found at the last minute to fill a race. She’s running for the state House in District 1,