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Cornstalks stand at an orchard in Pennsylvania in October. Michelle Gustafson / Bloomberg

Iowa Biofuel Plant Shuts Down as Government-Mandated Demand Dries Up

Iowa Biofuel Plant Shuts Down as Government-Mandated Demand Dries Up

Earlier this month I wrote about the struggles of North Dakota’s ethanol industry due to actions taken by the Trump administration to waive mandates from the federal Renewable Fuels Standard. Those mandates require refiners to blend a certain amount of ethanol into the fuels they sell. Refiners don’t like that for various reasons, not the

North Dakota Representative Kevin Cramer speaks Sunday, April 3, 2016, at the ND GOP Convention at Scheels Arena in Fargo of his choice to endorse Donald Trump for president. Rick Abbott / The Forum

Is Kevin Cramer The Gatekeeper To Trump On Energy Policy?

North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer’s new position as a policy adviser to presidential candidate Donald Trump has made a lot of headlines. But some of the advice Cramer is giving Trump on energy issues has rankled some Republicans. Which isn’t surprising. Even among Republicans there are differing views on energy. What is surprising is how

The Solution To High Gas Prices Is Less Government, Not More

There’s a lot of consternation nationally about gas prices this spring, but that’s usually the case. As one of the most visible economic indicators in the market, it seems like gas prices are always making people gripe, especially when the inevitable summer price hikes come. This spring the angst seems particularly acute, especially in North