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Grand Forks Herald: Stop Calling Refugee Resettlement Skeptics Racists

Grand Forks Herald: Stop Calling Refugee Resettlement Skeptics Racists

The Grand Forks Herald today has a really, really good editorial about the refugee resettlement debate. It’s both a national and local issue. Here in North Dakota lawmakers are debating HB1427 which would require a quantification of the local costs of refugee resettlement and allow officials in the state to pause resettlement if they feel

Kim Davis Was No Hero and Neither Is Sally Yates

Tim Carney makes a really, really good point in the Washington Examiner today. “Sally Yates is correct about President Trump’s immigration order,” he begins, but then goes on to point out that Yates refusing to do her job as acting U.S. Attorney General is not at all unlike a certain court clerk in Kentucky who didn’t want

If It’s Ok to Be Concerned About Oil Workers, It’s Ok to Be Concerned About Refugees

“It is remarkable how often those who preach tolerance and patience with ‘new Americans’ will turn around and rail against the oil industry for increasing crime in our state.” I wrote those words back in 2015, noting the left’s propensity to malign energy industry workers with pejoratives like “oilfield trash.” I thought about that post

What Are the Supporters of Refugee Resettlement So Afraid Of?

Last week Fargo City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn asked for a thorough review of the costs to the City of Fargo from refugee resettlement in that community. Piepkorn estimates the cost to the city is in the millions, but wants a formal review. It didn’t seem like a terribly controversial request to me. Fargo has taken

There Is Nothing Racist About Understanding the Local Costs of Refugee Resettlement

There is no question that refugee resettlement in North Dakota, particularly in the Fargo area, is something of a burden for local taxpayers. Whether it’s the additional services needed for students with language barriers in our schools or the fact that refugees use a disproportionate amount of social services, there is a cost. There is,

Are We Certain That A Protest Isn't Exactly What Valley News Live Wants?

A group of people offended by Valley News Live’s recent reporting about the supposed public health threat of refugees is planning to protest the television news station this weekend. That’s understandable. The report was offensive. Something created not to inform but to incite. I’d accuse the people responsible for it of nativism, but I’m not convinced

Valley News Live Clowns Do A Disservice To Both Sides Of The Refugee Debate

Recently the rodeo clowns at Valley News Live promoted what they claimed was a major story (video at the link) about the threat of tuberculosis from foreign refugees settled in the Fargo area. The problem? The story wasn’t terribly accurate. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a couple of doctors, quoted by Fargo Forum reporter Adrian

Video: ND House Majority Leader Supports Suing Feds Over Refugee Resettlement

Earlier this month the Tennessee State Assembly voted to approve a lawsuit against the federal government over refugee resettlement. The state, which like North Dakota has withdrawn from refugee resettlement under the Wilson-Fish Act, is now challenging the right of the federal government to settle refugees within its borders based on the 10th amendment. Tonight

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Audio: Gov Candidate Rick Becker Says State Should Take Back Oversight Of Refugee Resettlement

Yesterday while guest hosting for Jay Thomas on WDAY AM970 in Fargo I interviewed NDGOP gubernatorial candidate Rep. Rick Becker. You can listen to the full audio above (I’m sorry my mic is so hot, one day I’ll figure out why it does that on my home system). We talked about property taxes, energy development,

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LSS Boss Jessica Thomasson An Unfortunate Choice For Fargo Forum's "Person Of The Year"

Over the holiday break the Fargo Forum announced a provocative and unfortunate choice for their Person of the Year 2015. Namely, Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota CEO Jessica Thomasson. I say provocative because LSS contracts with the federal government to administer refugee resettlement in North Dakota, something that has been conducted in a manner