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North Dakota Should Issue No Apologies For Lower Taxes

A bit of a kerfuffle has erupted between Minnesota and North Dakota over the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce running billboards touting the western state’s lighter touch when it comes to taxes and regulations. At least one Minnesota Official, a Moorhead city council member, reacted with anger and threatened support for flood diversion from his

Minnesota Politician Threatens Support For Flood Diversion Over North Dakota Billboards

Earlier today I posted about some billboards the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce is running poking fun at Minnesota’s taxes, which are significantly higher than North Dakota’s. The point is to illustrate that North Dakota is a much healthier business environment than Minnesota. But the folks in Minnesota, a member of the Moorhead City Council

Controversial Flood Diversion Wouldn't Help Fargo With This Year's Flood Forecast

Folks in Fargo are worried about flooding this year, and for good reason. According to the Associated Press, the National Weather Service predicts the “most likely scenario” for the Red River peaking this spring “between 39 and 41 feet at Fargo and neighboring Moorhead, Minn., in late April or early May, with a maximum possibility

USGS Says Red River Flood Monitoring Threatened By Sequester

“I went to check the level for the Red River and low and behold, sequestration has struck again,” a Fargo-area reader emailed me this morning. Sure enough, here’s the “threatened gage” warning on the USGS website: Just so we’re clear, the sequester spending reductions are tiny, and aren’t even real spending cuts but merely reductions