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What if Those Demanding Trump’s Taxes Are the New Birthers?

What if Those Demanding Trump’s Taxes Are the New Birthers?

Remember the birther movement? It was an ugly bit of American politics from the Obama era. In fact, our current President was a major figure in birtherism. The conspiracy, for the uninitiated, was that President Obama isn’t really a naturally-born U.S. citizen and thus was ineligible to be President. Feeding into the conspiracy was President

Hey Democrats: Rachel Maddow's Outrage Won't Help You Win In North Dakota

If you had asked me, at the end of 2013, what Democrats would be campaigning on in 2014 I probably would have told you oil industry impacts. Rail delays. Housing issues. I would not have said student loans, a Republican marketing firm requesting public student information, and Kevin Cramer filming an ad in a veterans

North Dakota Clinic Director: Criticism Of Abortion Is "Disgusting," Heart Beat Bill Adds "Stigma" To Abortion

Tammi Kromenaker, director of the Red River Women’s Clinic (a ghoulishly fitting title, especially with the Kermit Gosnell trial in the headlines), was on MSNBC last night suggesting that criticism of abortion is “disgusting.” “When a woman doesn’t want to be pregnant, she’ll go through hell, high water in North Dakota — blizzards, floods, you