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North Dakota Law Enforcement Being Dishonest About Quotas Policies

North Dakota Law Enforcement Being Dishonest About Quotas Policies

A recent Gallup poll has indicated that American confidence in law enforcement is at a 22-year low. While most Americans do continue to say that they trust law enforcement, the downward trend should have cops worried. Here in North Dakota we’ve avoided the sort of conflict and controversy that has made national headlines in other

ND Highway Patrol Trooper Accused Of Faking Tickets Says He Resigned Over Quotas

Earlier this week we learned that North Dakota Highway Patrol trooper Jeremie Meisel had resigned amid an allegations that he’d been writing fake tickets. Today I report at Watchdog that Meisel, through his attorney, is disputing the fake tickets accusation and says the real reason he left is because of an arrest/tickets quota the Highway

The North Dakota Highway Patrol Doesn't Just Have Quotas For Traffic Tickets

The Bismarck Tribune editorial board weighs in today on a store I broke and have been following for a couple of weeks now. Namely, the North Dakota Highway Patrol’s insistence that specific “goals” set for arrests and citations, enforced by merit pay increases and/or possible termination – aren’t quotas. “If someone is speeding, it is a

North Dakota Highway Patrol Needs To Come Clean About Using Quotas

Earlier this month I broke a story about the North Dakota Highway Patrol giving state troopers “goals” for specific numbers of arrests and citations. My contention is that a supervisor setting arrest/citation levels for their troopers is a quotas policy, but a NDHP spokesman I talked with disputed that conclusion. “A quota is a hard

ND Highway Patrol Now Says Their Arrest Goals-Not-Quotas Are Merely Preliminary

Last week I published a story about the North Dakota Highway Patrol using specific “goals” for arrest numbers and citations, but denying that the “goals” represent quotas. “A quota is a hard number that does not fluctuate,” NDHP spokesman Lt. Tom Iverson told me by way of explaining the difference between a goal and a