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Number Of North Dakota Schools Making Adequate Yearly Progress Continues To Decline

Number Of North Dakota Schools Making Adequate Yearly Progress Continues To Decline

The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction sent out a press release this morning about the performance of state schools as defined by Adequate Year Progress. According to the numbers provided by DPI, the number of schools meeting AYP standards has declined yet again. Here’s a chart showing the number of schools meeting AYP versus

You'd Think Governing With A Super Majority Would Be Easier

North Dakota’s legislators are getting the morning off to attend the funeral of former North Dakota Governor Bill Guy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot of work to do. On the 79th day of a constitutionally-constrained 80 session the House and Senate are still miles apart on a lot of key issues.

Wisconsin School System Encourages Students To Wear "White Privilege" Bracelets

I’m not sure how helpful things like this are for race relations: MADISON – The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction runs several programs that emphasize racial issues. One of those programs – an Americorps operation called VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) – encourages white students to wear white wristbands that serve “as a reminder

Despite High High School Graduation Rates, 28% Of ND College Students Need Remedial Classes

Today North Dakota’s Department of Public Instruction issued a press release touting high graduation rates among North Dakota students. According to the latest data, North Dakota ranks in a six-way tie for 4th place with an 86% graduation rate which is only two points off the national leader Iowa with an 88% rate. “The federal

Interview: Rep. Mark Dosch Talks About North Dakota School Choice Bill

I interviewed Rep. Mark Dosch about HB1466, a bill that would appropriate 25% of a student’s share of public education dollars to any private school that student may attend. The bill would require that parents choosing a private school file a form with the superintendent of their school district. Based on that form, the Department

Bill In ND Legislature Would Divert Public Education Money To Private Schools

HB1466, introduced by Rep. Mark Dosch, is a major piece of education policy reform which would allow parents choosing private schools to divert as much as 25% of their student’s share of public dollars to the private school. The amended version of the bill (read it here) would require that parents opting for a private

Why Are We Spending 84% More To Feed 2% Fewer Students?

The Fargo Forum yesterday described the refusal by Republicans in North Dakota’s state House to replace federal milk funds for a third half-pint of milk a day with a state appropriation as “mean” and “stingy.” “The callousness is startling, disappointing,” wrote the Forum editorial board with their typically unthinking sort of intemperance. Of course, the