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Guest Post: Eliminating The Property Tax Is The Right Path Forward

Guest Post: Eliminating The Property Tax Is The Right Path Forward

I’d like to thank “Say Anything Blog” for printing John Dorso’s recent column, “Eliminate the Income Tax, Not the Property Tax.” Mr. Dorso purported to “dis” elimination of property taxes and at the same time tried to sound like he was “dising” the body of which he served as the former Republican House Majority Leader.

ND Dems Uphold Anti-Catholic Constitutional Language To Protect Against School Choice

I’ve written before about North Dakota’s “Blaine amendment” language in the state constitution. The language prohibits the use of tax dollars raised for the purposes of public education being used for “sectarian” or religions schools. It was born of the anti-Catholic bigotry of the 19th century, the era of the “Know Nothing Party,” and unfortunately

Video: ND House Kills School Choice Bill

HB1466, introduced by Rep. Mark Dosch (listen to my interview with him here) was a school choice bill that would have allowed parents choosing a qualified public school to get 25% of their child’s share of public school funding sent by the state to the school of their choice. “It does not take away any

Interview: Rep. Mark Dosch Talks About North Dakota School Choice Bill

I interviewed Rep. Mark Dosch about HB1466, a bill that would appropriate 25% of a student’s share of public education dollars to any private school that student may attend. The bill would require that parents choosing a private school file a form with the superintendent of their school district. Based on that form, the Department