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Legislator Wants Anti-Bullying Law To Include Politicians

Legislator Wants Anti-Bullying Law To Include Politicians

For the past couple of years it’s been all the rage for politicians to push anti-bullying laws. Thanks to bullying being a bona fide “crisis” in the media, and thanks to a raft of celebrities championing the cause, grandstanding politicians have been quick to jump on the fad. But a side effect of the anti-bullying

North Dakota House Votes To Legalize Election Day Campaigning

Last year former NDGOP Chairman Gary Emineth filed a lawsuit over a state law which prohibits political speech on election day. The law, which is so broad it make everything from political yard signs to conversations with your neighbors about candidates illegal on election day, was found to be unconstitutional by a federal court for

Could The Supreme Court Strike Down Limits On Federal Campaign Contributions?

In the controversial Citizens United vs. FEC ruling, the Supreme Court struck down restrictions on corporate political spending, holding that political spending is a form of free speech. Now another case will come before the court challenging federal limits on giving political contributions. Note that the restriction in question isn’t the per-candidate limit, the but