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Democrats Back Away From Wild Claims About Oil Worker Deaths?

Democrats Back Away From Wild Claims About Oil Worker Deaths?

Last week Democrat state Senators George Sinner and Phil Murphy wrote a letter to the editor of the state’s newspapers responding to something I wrote about oil worker deaths here on the blog. In that letter they made some pretty wild claims about oil worker deaths in North Dakota. “But when we compare just the

Democrat Lawmakers Accuse Me Of Playing Games With Statistics

Democrat state Senators George Sinner (Fargo) and Phil Murphy (Portland) have a letter to the editor in the¬†Dickinson Press today calling me out for my rebuttal of John Oliver’s commentary on worker deaths in North Dakota. First, let me say that I think it’s odd when¬†people like Sinner and Murphy criticize me by writing letters

Democrats Please Spare Us The Bellyaching Over Reconvened Legislative Session

I’ve been pretty clear in my criticism of Republicans over the impasse on the Public Employees Retirement System budget which has led to a reconvened Legislative session for the first time in state history. What happened with the House choosing to adjourn itself rather than continue negotiations with the Senate over differences on the PERS

North Dakota Legislative Trip Paid For By Controversial Islamic Group

I recently wrote a post about a trip to Turkey taken by a number of North Dakota legislators paid for by a group called the Turkish American Federation of the Midwest. In speaking with some legislators who didn’t take they trip, they told me that it was organized through what some described as an odd

Summer Trips For North Dakota Politicians: Legitimate Official Business, Or Expenses-Paid Vacations?

It’s summer time, and for most American families that means vacation time. The weather is warm, the kids are out of school, and it’s time for some travel. Even for our political leaders, it seems, who have taken a number of trips to exotic locations with the tab picked up by the taxpayer and/or special

North Dakota Senate Spends 20 Minutes Debating Regulation Of Water Skiing

Several sessions ago the North Dakota legislature added a new regulation to water skiing/water tubing behind motorized water craft. It was the requirement for a spotter to help the driver of the boat/jet ski ensure the safety of the skier/tuber. But, several years later, there’s no evidence that this regulation has made water skiing/tubing any

North Dakota Senate Mid-Session Legislative Vote Ranking

Yesterday we published a ranking of North Dakota House members based on what we considered to be key votes from the first half of the session. Today we’re publishing the Senate version of that ranking. What you’ll notice, right off the bat, is that the House is a lot more conservative than the Senate. That