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Wasn't There Supposed To Be Some Sort Of A Conservation Crisis In North Dakota?

Wasn't There Supposed To Be Some Sort Of A Conservation Crisis In North Dakota?

During the 2014 election cycle a coalition of deep-pocketed conservation/environmental interests put a measure on the ballot to divert a windfall of oil tax revenues into a slush fund that would then make grants to the aforementioned interests. We were told, in a slick and well-financed campaign run by groups like Ducks Unlimited and Pheasants

Cramer Backs Solution To Farm Group/Ducks Unlimited Standoff

In the superheated atmosphere of the 2014 debate over ballot Measure 5 – which would have created an oil tax revenue slush fund for conservation groups – a number of agriculture organizations cried foul over a partnership between the federal government and the sponsors of Measure 5. Specifically Ducks Unlimited and Pheasants forever. It seems

"We’re Giving Money To The Same People Who Are Stabbing Us In The Back"

Did you know that North Dakota Game & Fish dollars – money from fees paid for hunting and fishing licenses, among other things – are being used to subsidize employees for Ducks Unlimited and Pheasants Forever? I found out about it by filing an open records request with the Game & Fish Department, and I

The Legality Of The North Dakota's Outdoor Heritage Fund Should Be Challenged Immediately

Reading outdoors reporter Brad Dokken’s column in the Grand Forks Herald today, you’d get the sense that certain legislators were trying to ban Ducks Unlimited and Pheastants Forever from participation in a newly-created conservation fund. In fact, Dokken states that explicitly: The bill Dalrymple signed laid out guidelines for the advisory board, but the House

House Approves Amendment Removing Some Special Interests From Outdoor Heritage Fund

Today the House took up amendments to SB2242. Rep. Todd Porter, who sponsored HB1278 which has already been passed by the governor, introduced amendments to this bill after it became clear that some of the special interest groups named in his legislation to a board to advise the appropriations made it clear they’d likely pursue

Despite Governor Signing Bill Into Law, War Over Outdoor Heritage Fund Continues

The governor may have signed a bill creating a $30 million per-biennium continuing appropriation for a conservation fund, but the controversy over the fund continues as the Bismarck Tribune reports. Rep. Todd Porter is still pushing amendments which would strip three special interests named specifically to the board advising the fund from the bill’s language,

Conservation Groups Get Greedy

The dynamics around legislation to create an Outdoor Heritage Fund have taken a turn to the interesting. Last year an initiated measure to create the fund which would have no cap on revenues, and no oversight from the state’s elected leaders, was kept off the ballot by petition fraud perpetrated by a group of NDSU