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Doug Burgum Cynically Endorses Donald Trump

Doug Burgum Cynically Endorses Donald Trump

I’ve often accused Doug Burgum of being someone other than himself as he runs for the Republican nomination for governor. I don’t think Burgum’s campaign is all that accurate a reflection of who he is. In fact, one of Burgum’s own campaign supporters has said as much. “I don’t think they represent Doug,” Perry Miller, a

Guest Post: Corps Using Questionable Numbers On Fargo Diversion

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) has been engaging in some highly questionable analysis in its definition of the 100-year flood plain in Fargo-Moorhead. As a result, the Corps’ Dam/Diversion is quickly losing its claim to being a cost-effective project. FEMA has recently reviewed historical flood data and is expected to set the 100-year

Guest Post: Fargo Diversion Is Redistribution Of Wealth

“Redistribution of wealth.” Few phrases provoke a bigger response from either side of America’s political divide. For some, the words conjure up the social safety net, student loans and Medicare. Others see it as socialized theft, taking from people who have worked their way to success, only to give it to the indolent. Most everyone