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Settled Science: America Will Be Out Of Oil By 2015

Settled Science: America Will Be Out Of Oil By 2015

I found this article at Gizmodo to be chuckle worthy. In it author Matt Novak flags a UPI syndicated news story from 1975 predicting that America will be out of oil by 2015. Or, you know, this year. “The United States may be totally independent of Arab oil by the year 2015,” the article states. “Unfortunately,

Who Are The Flat Earthers Now?

In 1956 geologist M. King Hubbert predicted that American oil production would peak in 1970 and begin to decline. In 1969, when it became clear that his previous prediction would prove inaccurate, Hubbert named 2000 as the new peak year for oil production. Hubbert, you may be just realizing, was the creator of the now-famous theory

Is It That Technology Changes Too Fast, Or Is The Government Holding Us Back?

There are two mistaken ideas about economics that, throughout history, significant numbers of people make again and again. One is the Malthusian idea about diminishing resources. This has been around since Thomas Malthus wrote about humanity outgrowing its ability to produce food, which would inevitably lead to widespread famine according to Malthus. Of course, that