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Oil Patch Continues To Trump Population Numbers In North Dakota Sales Tax Collections

Oil Patch Continues To Trump Population Numbers In North Dakota Sales Tax Collections

The annual sales tax report is out from Commissioner Cory Fong’s office (see below), and it’s got some pretty interesting numbers. Overall, in 2012 the State of North Dakota saw taxable sales grow an astonishing 28.7%, an increase of more than $5 billion from $25.29 billion to $19.6 billion. What’s interesting is that most of

Federal, State Officials Won't Say How Much Of $10.4 Million In Taxpayer Loans Earth Harvest Mills Still Owes

Yesterday I posted a response to a FOIA request from USDA Rural Development Director Jasper Schneider’s office which confirmed two outstanding loans guaranteed by the federal taxpayers totaling $8.4 million made to Earth Harvest Mills, which is facing insolvency charges from North Dakota’s Public Service Commission. I’ve been working on confirming what balance remains on

House Raises Oil Taxes: "I've Never Had Someone Call Me To Raise Their Taxes Before"

Earlier this week the North Dakota House rejected HB1198, which would have ended certain tax exemptions for the oil industry, but offset those tax increases with a reduction in the oil extraction rate. Unfortunately, that failed, so the bill came back to the House today just the tax increases and not the rate reductions. Rep.

Small Victories: OMB Budget Includes Allowance For Local Government Inclusion In Spending Database

Earlier this legislative session a bill introduced by Rep. Blair Thoreson requiring local governments to submit their budgets to the state for inclusion on the spending transparency website was defeated with opponents claiming, ludicrously, that such a thing would be too expensive and unnecessary. Because we all know the taxpayers don’t really like to know

North Dakota OMB Director Projects A Decline In Revenue Growth For Coming Biennium

Today Office of Management and Budget Director Pam Sharp gave testimony before a joint meeting of the state House and Senate appropriations committees. The intent of the testimony was to give updated figures for the state’s revenue forecasts. According to a legislative source, we got some good news and bad news. The good news is

Interview: ND State Rep. Proposes Two Year Suspension Of The State Income Tax

If there are two to priorities for the legislature, in the eyes of the general public, it is addressing needs created by the state’s fast-growing economy and population and using some of the state’s revenue windfall for tax relief. To that latter point, there are a number of proposals on the table for tax relief.