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It Would Be a Mistake to End North Dakota’s Rail Inspection Program

It Would Be a Mistake to End North Dakota’s Rail Inspection Program

A few years ago a series of train derailments – some of them explosive – involving oil shipments were making national headlines. They were hyped by the enemies of oil development who are always looking for an excuse to “keep it in the ground,” but the incidents were a valid public safety concern too. Just

Is A Bomb Train Still A Bomb Train If It Doesn't Go Boom?

Last week there was an oil train derailment near Culbertson, Montana, which resulted in leaked oil but no fire or explosion, no doubt to the chagrin of certain media types and activists who delight in such things. Which isn’t to say that the incident didn’t get sensationalized. Oil train derailments are a very important element

Massive Pro-Oil Train Derailment Rally Planned To Target Sandpiper Pipeline

Left-wing groups ranging from the Sierra Club to┬áSocialist Action – Twin Cities are planning a march in Minneapolis/St. Paul later this week against “tar sands” pipelines. The timing lines up with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission reviewing the Sandpiper pipeline on Wednesday. An administrative law judge has already cleared the way for Minnesota to join

We Should Start Using The Term "Obama Trains"

Another oil train derailed this week – this time near Galena, Illinois – ┬áproducing another explosion and smoke cloud that’s being plastered all over the media. It was the third such derailment in three weeks. Left-wing activists have taken to using the term “bomb trains” and are now blaming public officials for not seeking retribution