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Glawe Column: Drones Issue Doesn't Get Coverage It Deserves From ND Media

Glawe Column: Drones Issue Doesn't Get Coverage It Deserves From ND Media

Williston once again was given the Wild West treatment last week. This time with an evangelical twist courtesy of a local pastor and Charlie LeDuff, author of the longest obituary in American literature. If I were from North Dakota this is where the indignance would begin, but I’m not and it won’t. While LeDuff fell

Watford City Mayor Blames Car Crash Fatalities On The State

Two teenagers from Watford City died this week after their car spun out of control on some ice and crashed into an oncoming semi. The crash was horrific; the deaths tragic. But the Mayor of Watford City has decided to turn their deaths into political capital, blaming the state for their deaths, and that’s unconscionable:

Williston's Lame Response To Credit Rating Downgrade

For some time now we here at SAB have been pointing out the City of Williston’s poor spending priorities (latest post here). In the midst of an oil boom, with the local economy and population growing faster than the city could keep up with, city leaders backed and got approved a 1% sales tax increase…for

Are Women In Danger In North Dakota's Oil Patch?

Like a lot of North Dakotans, I’ve grown a little weary of the national media attention paid to the Bakken oil boom. At one point it was novel, and even illuminating, to see the changes in our communities covered by national media reporters who strike a tone which is often that of a stringer on