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Give Commissioner Fedorchak Credit for Sticking With North Dakota’s Rail Inspection Program

Give Commissioner Fedorchak Credit for Sticking With North Dakota’s Rail Inspection Program

During the 2015 legislative session Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak fought a pitched battle, mostly behind-the-scenes, against cantankerous lawmakers who were skeptical of her desire to create a state-level rail inspection program. With 20/20 hindsight, we can now see that Fedorchak had the right of this issue. The Legislature, grudgingly, authorized a temporary program with

Democratic Presidential Candidate Signs Bill Implementing a “De Facto Ban” on North Dakota Oil Shipments

Washington Governor Jay Inslee just signed legislation in his state imposing regulations on oil shipped by rail which are so stringent they act (to use the words of North Dakota’s congressional delegation) as a “de facto ban.” Inslee has justified the move by saying the state is stepping up to fill a safety vacuum left

It’s Almost Like Building Pipelines Like DAPL Leads to Safer Transportation of Oil or Something

Remember over the last few years when the enemies of oil development were hyping oil train derailments? To be fair those derailments – some of them hugely explosive and damaging, some even costing people their lives – were a legitimate thing to be concerned about. But when some, including this observer, argued that the solution

Firefighters Dispel "Voodoo" Myths Around Bakken "Bomb Train" Crude

“We’ve got people running around saying that it’s like a bomb on wheels,” Chauncey Naylor, director of training and fire and emergency response for Tyco Williams Fire & Hazard Control, is quoted as saying in the Summer 2015 issue of Industrial Fire World magazine (scanned version below). “It got us thinking that we ought to check

Environmentalists Protesting Oil Trains Should Answer Questions About Alternatives

Environmental activists are planning a week of protests against oil by rail shipments in remembrance of the Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, derailment and explosion which killed 47 people. That train was hauling oil from North Dakota’s oil fields. In fact, most of the oil produced in North Dakota is shipped by rail these days thanks to a lack of

Heimdal Derailment Shows That Oil Train Problem Is Improving

Earlier this week another oil train derailed, this time near Heimdal in central North Dakota. Anti-oil activists could almost be heard panting in their excitement, rushing to the media with talking points about “bomb trains” and lax regulation of oil shipped on America’s rail lines. Rep. Ron Guggisberg, a North Dakota Democrat from Fargo, went

Bakken Crude Involved In Heimdal Derailment Was Well Below Conditioning Threshold

Forum reporter Amy Dalrymple is reporting that the oil involved in the Heimdal derailment was below the conditioning threshold set by state regulators which went into law on April 1st. “Oil from the Tioga rail facility has tested at 12.44 psi, 11.08 psi and 11.18 psi, according to April tests submitted by Hess to the

Blame Heimdal Derailment On The Anti-Pipeline Activists

At some point, we’re going to have to acknowledge that all the oil conditioning rules and track inspectors in the world aren’t going to change the fact that we’re producing more oil than the rails can handle. This morning came news of another oil train derailment, this time near Heimdal, North Dakota. Every time one